Safety in Newborn Photography

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Safe Newborn Photography in Sevenoaks

Newborn photography. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted. It’s not for someone with no patience. And it’s DEFINITELY not for someone who has not been extensively trained in newborn safety posing. I had a conversation today about my training and about the fact that our industry is not regulated. Any newborn photographer worth their salt will agree with me (I hope!) that we absolutely should be regulated. I don’t think it’s long and it will happen. Your baby needs to be safe and in the hands of a fully trained, competent individual for the entirety of your newborn shoot.

Many of the shots we do are composites – meaning they are two or more images photographed separately and put together in the editing process. Many of the shots we take are done with extensive consideration to how the baby is positioned and how long we leave the baby in that position. It is simply not enough to be great with kids, to be a mum, or be a great photographer in other areas. It is NOT enough.

I first trained in newborn safety posing in 2018. Every year since I have trained again. This year I have two lots of newborn safety-specific training booked and I am trained in baby first aid. This is non-negotiable for me. I adore photographing newborns – but I will only do so knowing I am 100% safe and that I have all the relevant training AND that I renew that training at the bare minimum once a year.

There are photographers for all budgets, that much is true. I often see posts asking for a photographer that “doesn’t cost an arm and a leg” (incidentally how much does an arm and a leg cost, I’ve never worked this out??), but the reason people cost what they do is due to so many factors. Their training, their experience, their business costs, their equipment, their insurance to name but a few. I am proud of my training, I keep my costs as low as I can for you and I can put my hand on my heart and know that I have had all the training necessary to keep your baby safe whilst delivering a beautiful gallery of photographs for you.

Don’t be frightened to ask your photographer what training they’ve had. Don’t be frightened to research yourself who they have trained with and most importantly do not be concerned with walking away if they can’t give you that information. Safety first. Always.

Please message me with any questions on this! I am always happy to answer.

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