Best 7 Nursing Pillows


Discovering the ideal nursing pillow can transform the breastfeeding experience for new parents. These crucial cushions offer comfort and help maintain a proper feeding posture, relieving arm and shoulder tension. Faced with countless choices, picking the best one can feel overwhelming.

Our guide cuts through the clutter, showcasing the top 7 nursing pillows chosen for their mix of practicality, cosiness, and rave reviews. This ensures both parents and babies relish their intimate bonding times.

Why Nursing Pillows Are Useful

Finding the perfect support when it’s time to feed can make a world of difference for both you and your baby. Nursing pillows are more than just a nice-to-have; they’re practically a must-have. These smart pillows lift your baby to just the right spot, making breastfeeding or bottle-feeding easier on your arms and shoulders. This means you and your baby can enjoy feeding time longer without getting tired.

They make you more comfortable, and nursing pillows help you sit up straight, keeping away those nagging back and neck aches. For babies, they offer a cosy, safe place that feels like a warm embrace, all while keeping their tiny heads and necks supported. Whether you’re up late for those endless nighttime feeds or navigating the frequent feedings during growth spurts, a reliable nursing pillow turns those moments into peaceful bonding times.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Pillow

Picking the perfect nursing pillow comforts feeding time and supports you and your baby. Some moms love a hug-like pillow that wraps around them for steady support, while others go for a bendy, moon-shaped one that changes shape easily. It’s got to fit just right around your waist, not too snug or loose. The fabric is vital, too—choose between cosy, airy types or sturdy ones that keep their shape.

A cover you can take off and wash is a game-changer for keeping it clean. Plus, how squishy the pillow is matters a lot. It needs to prop up your baby just right without them sinking down during feeding. Finding the right balance of these bits can make feeding a breeze, keeping both you and your baby happy.

Top 7 Nursing Pillows

Picking the perfect nursing pillow can make feeding your baby a time of close connection and comfort for you both. Let’s explore seven great nursing pillows, each with its own perks for different needs:

  • Most Flexible: Boppy x Babylist’s Original Support Pillow. This all-rounder fits snugly around your waist for various feeding positions. It’s not just for feeding; it helps your baby with tummy time and learning to sit, too.
  • Super Supportive: My Brest Friend Deluxe. It wraps around you with a buckle to stay put, offering a sturdy, flat surface to keep your baby steady. Plus, there’s a handy pocket for your stuff.
  • Twin Hero: Twin Z Pillow. For parents of twins, this pillow is a game-changer. It supports feeding both babies at once and even helps you out with back support. It’s also great for bottle feeding, tummy time, and even as a pregnancy pillow.
  • Travel Buddy: Boppy Anywhere. This small, light pillow is perfect for feeding on the move. It’s small but mighty, offering all the comfort and support you need.
  • Eco-Friendly: Organic Caboose. Made with organic cotton and eco-friendly filling, it’s soft on your baby’s skin and kind to the planet.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Luna Lullaby Bosom Baby. Its V-shape suits anyone without hard edges, and the plush fabric makes feedings feel extra cosy.
  • Budget-Friendly: Leachco Cuddle-U Basic. It’s easy on your wallet but packed with features like strong breastfeeding support and a seat wrap that doubles as a baby lounger.

Each pillow has its unique flair, from green materials to twin-friendly designs. Your choice should match your personal needs, lifestyle, and your baby’s comfort.

How to Use a Nursing Pillow Effectively

Using nursing pillows right means wrapping them around your waist snugly for both your and your baby’s comfort during feedings. This way, you lift your baby closer to you without tiring your arms or shoulders, keeping both of you comfy. Such a setup is perfect for keeping a good posture and helps your baby latch on better. If you’re healing from a C-section, these pillows are a treasure, letting you feed your baby without any belly pain.

And guess what? These pillows are also great for dads or anyone bottle-feeding, offering the same comfort. Just make sure to tweak the pillow and your baby’s spot until you’re both super comfy. This nifty pillow turns feeding times into cosy, happy, stress-free moments.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Nursing Pillows

Keeping your nursing pillow clean is a must for hygiene and to make sure it lasts as long as you’re nursing and even longer. Luckily, most come with covers you can take off and throw in the washer, making it easy to keep them fresh. Always peek at the care tag for the do’s and don’ts, like if you need to use a gentle wash or let it air dry to keep it from getting smaller.

If there’s a mess on the pillow itself, a soft soap can clean it up without much fuss. It’s smart to have an extra cover ready, so you’re never stuck without one when laundry day comes around. Now and then, let your pillow breathe to stop any musty smells from hanging around. The care you put into your nursing pillow shows, and a little effort to keep it clean really pays off.


Choosing the perfect nursing pillow isn’t just about comfort; it’s about making those first moments with your baby memorable and easy. We’ve shown you all the choices, from the most do-it-all to the ones that won’t break the bank, to help you find what fits you best. It’s all about getting the right mix of support, softness, and usefulness for you and your little one.

This guide aims to give you tips to make feedings smoother and more snug. With the ideal nursing pillow, you’re set for a journey filled with warm, worry-free cuddles.


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