Don’t forget the Sitter Session!

Sitter Sessions

Sevenoaks Baby Photographer says “Don’t forget the sitter session!”

I love being a newborn photographer in Sevenoaks. And I love being a cake smash photographer in Sevenoaks…..but what about in between?  There is SO much more that we can photograph for you and give you wonderful memories to hang on the wall.  Sitter sessions are often overlooked, but they absolutely shouldn’t be – they are equally as important as your newborn photoshoot and your cake smash photoshoot.  Sitter sessions are done either at my studio in Sevenoaks or – if the Great British Weather allows – outdoors.  In fact, I love them so much that when you purchase Collection Three at your newborn photography shoot I gift you a sitter session for free!  Yep, that’s right, absolutely free, you just pay for how many images you want.

baby boy sitting on a bed at a baby photoshoot in sevenoaks






At your newborn photoshoot, we will discuss the options for your baby’s sitter session.  I usually recommend that you contact me as soon as baby is sitting unaided, but before they are crawling.  You will know as well as I do, once baby is on the move little or nothing can keep them still!  I want to photograph your baby’s gorgeous smile, their gorgeous giggle and their personality as it unfolds before us.  One thing that I love to do is use one prop for all your baby’s photoshoots.  So – for example, we may use a prop you’ve bough in (a ball, a special bear or family blanket) or we may just use a prop from my studio here is Sevenoaks, a bed or a bowl or basket.  When we book your sitter session we make sure we use the prop again so you have a then and now and remind yourself how tiny they were any how they grow.  If you come back to me for a cake smash I encourage you to bring the prop again so we have three photos of the baby with the same thing.  It is a great thing to look back on in years to come.

Newborn baby photo and same baby holding the same ball for his sitter photoshoot in sevenoaks






When coming to my Sevenoaks studio for these photoshoots, you can choose from a range of outfits I have here suitable for this age group.  It is actually a bit of an obsession and I am constantly adding to my collection and buying new outfits.  I have outfits for boys and girls and gender-neutral outfits too,  so you will have plenty to choose from.  Equally, there may be a certain outfit you love your baby in so you should definitely bring that too! I encourage a few outfit changes to ensure you have a lovely mix of photographs to treasure.

Baby girl wearing a leopard print romper sits on the floor laughing by Sevenoaks baby photographer






One question I am ALWAYS asked is if brothers and sisters can join the photoshoot.  The answer is always yes.  I actively encourage Mum, Dad, brothers, and sisters to be involved in every photoshoot we book for your baby.  These are moments to treasure as your baby grows and the photoshoots are an investment in your family’s memories.  You shouldn’t leave anyone out.

Two sisters dressed in yellow sit to have their photograph taken at a sevenoaks baby photography studio






As well as buying new outfits, I am also a bit addicted to buying new props too!  My recent addition was a beautiful macrame swing that I just love!  This is a great addition to your sitter session and I love photographing babies enjoying it.  Why not request it at your sitter session?

baby sitting in a macrame swing being photographed by a sevenoaks baby photographer







So please, don’t forget the sitter session – we have some beautiful wall art samples in the Sevenoaks studio and you will see some of them are beautiful multi aperature frames just screaming out to have a newborn photo, sitter photo and cake smash photo all together.  Ask me for more details for my “Watch Me Grow” package or contact me to book!




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