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Now more than ever, men are taking a more active role in parenting and should be treated with similar respect to an expecting mother.

No manly versions of the same things you would get mom here, only genuinely thoughtful, and useful Christmas gift ideas for any dad-to-be!

#1 A Helpful Guide of Tips and Tricks: The Expectant Father: The Ultimate Guide for Dads-to-Be

Our list of Christmas gift ideas for a dad-to-be begins with a manual.

With so many new dads being much more active in parenting than their fathers were themselves, good advice can be scarce.

The Expectant Father is a great source of killer advice for a soon-to-be dad looking to play a more supportive and active role in parenting.

From steps for preparing the house for a new baby to taking care of and understanding a partner’s physical and mental state while getting ready to welcome a new little one, this guide has everything an expecting dad could need.

#2 Letting Dad Get in on Memory Making: Big Dot of Happiness: Daddy’s First Milestones

Being a part of and nurturing the emotional bond between parent and child is crucial for any child’s upbringing.

This is also very needed for this next generation of dads.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun with it!

Big Dot of Happiness is a crafting kit to help a new father or dad-to-be to celebrate all the exciting firsts in their child’s journey with a nice cold one: sentimental reward or pavlovian tactic, who’s to say.

Either way, this is a great gift for a new dad to look forward to!

#3 Helpful Tools of the Trade: ThisWorx for TWC-01 Car Vacuum

An unmissable in our list of Christmas gift ideas for a dad-to-be: a useful device can go a long way to ensuring that the first years of raising a child go smoothly.

There may be no device more useful than a portable vacuum cleaner.

Full-sized vacuums can be a hassle to get set up and even more of a headache getting them to the car.

With a portable vacuum, you get the ability to quickly and easily clean up after that new bundle of joy.

This is a gift with real longevity and is sure to be appreciated by both partners.

#4 A Physical Bonding Aid and Practical Gift: A Good Carrying Pack

Maintaining a physically close relationship is essential for both parents, but especially so with dads since historically, that has not been the case.

A good carrying pack allows for dads to participate in transportation in bonding in such an easy way.

Styles for Carrying packs are more or less the same, no matter of gender, but if you wish to get one that has less of a feminine touch, there are plenty of good options, like the one linked above.

Comfortable and sturdy, this gift is sure to be a hit.

#5 Something for Everyone to Enjoy: A Coffee Subscription Plan

Finally, the best gift option is one that all can enjoy.

Coffee is a godsend for fathers during those crucial months of pregnancy. That extra boost of energy can be a game-changer between supporting a partner and prepping the house for a new arrival.

Good coffee, however, can be such a nice change to the usual k-cup.

Set them up with a monthly delivery of that sweet black goodness.

Plus, mothers will appreciate this gift during the first month of a child’s life as well.


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