The Best Pregnancy Classes in Sevenoaks Kent

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A common trend among expectant parents is joining antenatal classes as they prepare for the arrival of their child. Typically led by healthcare professionals or experienced midwives, these classes encompass a wide range of topics related to pregnancy, childbirth, and early parenthood.

In these classes, expectant mums-to-be receive crucial information about the various stages of pregnancy, the birthing process, and what to expect during labour. Antenatal classes also provide valuable techniques for childbirth, such as breathing exercises and relaxation methods, empowering parents with practical tools for the birthing experience.

Beyond the educational reasons, attending antenatal classes offers a wonderful opportunity for expectant parents to connect with other couples who share a similar journey. Creating lasting connections with other expectant parents can provide a supportive community during both your pregnancy and after your baby is born.

However, finding a suitable antenatal class can be challenging, given the wide array of options available, including yoga, hypnobirthing, and exercise-based classes. So we have compiled this list of the best antenatal classes available in Sevenoaks Kent.

Equilibrium Birthing

Equilibrium Birthing offers antenatal and hypnobirthing classes in Sevenoaks, Kent to expectant mums-to-be. Set up by Natalie, a trained hypnobirthing specialist, Equilibrium Birthing aims to help women achieve the birth experience that is right for them.

Through Equilibrium Birthing’s antenatal hypnobirthing classes help to teach women how to remain calm, and relaxed throughout their pregnancy and birth. Hypnobirthing classes take place in either small groups or private one-to-one sessions. Each class teaches expectant women how to prepare for their birth through relaxation techniques and breath work, as well as discussing the typical signs of labour and how your birth partner can support you.

Equilibrium Birthing also offers additional services such as Mindful Breastfeeding which involves breathwork, journaling and positive affirmations. Natalie also offers private one-to-one Doula services, where she supports expectant women through pregnancy, and birth. As part of her Doula services, Natalie can also help guide you through the birth of your child.

The Good Birth Practice

Founded by three women, Ruth, Laura and Charlotte, who are each trained and experienced Doulas and antenatal teachers, The Good Birth Practice offers mums-to-be support through their pregnancy and birth.

The Good Birth Practice offers a variety of classes including one-to-one hypnobirthing, birth planning classes and birth doula support. Additional services such as home-cooked meals for postnatal mothers, and in-depth post natal support are also available to women following the birth of their babies.

Birth Doula support for expectant mothers with The Good Birth Practice includes two antenatal appointments to go over any concerns you have about your pregnancy or birth. Hypnobirthing MP3 and access to a dedicated Whatsapp group are offered to expectant mothers as part of the Doula service. Then once you reach 39 weeks gestation the team will be on-call with you until you go into labour. One of the Doula’s will then attend the birth of your baby to offer guidance and support during childbirth and postnatal care.

The Wise Hippo – Kent and Surrey

The Wise Hippo is a pregnancy support service that offers hypnobirthing and antenatal classes to expectant mums in the Sevenoaks area. Founded by Sarah following her experience of birthing her three children, the Wise Hippo aims to help women to overcome their fears surrounding childbirth and have a positive birth experience.

Hypnobirthing and antenatal classes are offered in group or one-to-one settings and set out to teach expectant parents relaxation and breathing techniques to use during labour, how to write your birth plan and provide participants with hypnobirthing MP3s to use to prepare themselves for childbirth.

Group classes are taught over four weeks with a maximum of four couples per class, giving participants the opportunity to bond with other couples.

The Wise Hippo also offers post-natal classes for new mums including baby massage and baby yoga to help mums to bond with their babies and encourage young babies to reach their age appropriate milestones such as rolling over and sitting up.

Bump and Baby Club – Sevenoaks

Bump & Baby Club is an independent provider of antenatal classes in the UK. They provide informative courses for expectant parents available both online and in-person.

The Bump & Baby Club classes take a modern approach to traditional antenatal education, placing a strong emphasis on supporting your choices throughout your pregnancy and birth journey.

The Bump & Baby classes offer a sociable setting for parents-to-be to come together, learn about pregnancy, birth, and baby care, and have some fun. Each class is limited to only ten couples with baby due dates within a four-week window of each other, providing parents with the opportunity to create meaningful friendships.

Bump & Baby Club classes also include free baby first aid information to assist parents should an emergency arise once their baby is born. Classes also include a hypnobirthing course enabling expectant parents to explore relaxation techniques and foster a positive and empowering birthing experience.

Adora Birth and Baby – West Malling

Adora Birth and Baby offers hypnobirthing preparation classes, pregnancy yoga and relaxation classes to support expectant women in the West malling area, not far from Sevenoaks. Founded by Lauren, a qualified antenatal and hypnobirthing teacher, Adora Birth and Baby offers mums-to- be a positive birth experience and support into parenthood.

Adora Birth and Baby runs an antenatal class where expectant couples are taught about how to feed and care for your baby as well as prepare for the labour and childbirth. Adora Birth and Baby also offer hypnobirthing classes to help expectant mothers to overcome their fears associated with the birth and well-being of their baby.

Adora Birth and Baby also have breastfeeding sessions and online courses and parent prep for those couples who would like to learn a little more.


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