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The journey to motherhood is an incredible one, but pregnancy does not always feel beautiful… so first things first, welcome to this last leg of the journey… the last month of pregnancy – you are incredible!!  By now, your baby is more or less fully grown and ready to enter the world, and it feels like it!  It is still crucial for you to stay on your toes as this can be one of the most eventful months of pregnancy.

That being said, through careful planning and keeping in mind a few real possibilities, it is possible to make sure that this month goes as smoothly as possible.  That’s why we have put together a little list of what to expect during your last month of pregnancy to prepare you.

The last month of pregnancy: Your Body

It’s been a long process of forming an entire living being inside you, you have probably already started to feel the effects of this on your body, but the last month of pregnancy is when it is most apparent.  The sheer weight of the baby is more than enough to wipe out any remaining energy and this last month are when your baby is at its heaviest.  Your uterus will also be growing more and can be felt under your ribs, which may strain your breathing.

Exhaustion can make all of the above seem much more impactful so getting tons of rest is always a good idea. Additionally, getting even more support from your partner during this time is vital. Pass off the overly strenuous emotional or physical tasks. You’ve well earned it.

Changes With Your Baby

Like we mentioned before, at this point, the baby is, for the most part, grown. That doesn’t mean that the changes stop. As you get closer to your due date, your baby will start being much more mobile. They will be turning and kicking more and more as they get ready for their grand entrance. Because of this, stability may also be at its most challenging at this point, so keeping an eye on that is extremely important. It can be easy to forget just how much your baby’s weight and how they move can impact you.

The last month of pregnancy: The Nesting Effect

Emotionally this last month can be a rollercoaster. Mood swings will be plentiful and coupled with very real intense emotions stemming from the changes you’re going through. Be easy on yourself. An understanding partner will be as well.  One thing that may seem like it’s coming out of the left field is the strong urge to clean and reorganize. This is normal and described as The Nesting Effect; primal instincts push you to clean and prepare the newborn’s environment. This can feel like anxiety which can be very stressful but acknowledging it can make a world of difference.

Doctor, Doctor

Apart from that, you will be going to the doctor every week at this point to keep an increased eye on the baby’s health. Honest communication is key in guaranteeing a smooth transition.  Having a game plan at this point is a must. You should be prepared for the arrival of your new bundle of joy any day now. Making sure your partner is equally as important at this point.  Together you will be able to greet this new life safely and healthily!


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last month of pregnancy

last month of pregnancylast month of pregnancy last month of pregnancy



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