It’s half term – a welcome relief from homeschooling?  Or a nightmare trying to fill the time due to the rain and lockdown?

Normally in a half term I would be booked up for gorgeous family photoshoots in Kent.  Sadly, lockdown has put a stop to any family photography at all for now. So, how do you plan to fill the week?  Need some helpful ideas of things to do?  Look no further – here are five great ideas to fill some rainy day time this half term…….


Why not hide some treats around the house and garden (if rain allows) for the kids to find. Write out some clue cards to help them find their treasure.  This could be sweet treats, little toys, books or comics, anything really.  The treasure can be an activity to do which keeps them occupied for longer.  This is a great fun thing to do for all the family.  I would love you to share some photos of them exploring and figuring out the clues!

A treasure chest


How about making a family time capsule – you could make this about your family in lockdown by writing stories about how your family have managed and spent their time during the pandemic. Other ideas could be to take cuttings from the newspapers and draw pictures of your family.  Why not include a family photograph too? Then place all the items in a tin or an old thermos flask works too and either bury it in the garden where possible or hide it in the house.

a time capsule


There is nothing better than making a den.  Get the duvets down, grab the pillow and sheets and create a tent in the living room.  Add in a picnic for lunch and a family film on a tablet and that is a whole afternoon sorted.


Why not put on the puddle suits, the wellies and the coats and go out for a scavenger hunt.  Write a list of things that the children need to see and/or find and get out for a walk.  There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing so get those waterproofs out if its raining and see what you can find.


Get a plastic bottle and fill it three quarters full with water.  Add some washing up liquid or liquid soap and then add different colours of glitter (you can order this online).  Turn the bottle to watch the glitter make super patterns.


I would love to see your photos of your half term adventures.  Why not share them on my FACEBOOK PAGE

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