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Looking for first birthday ideas to celebrate your little one’s big milestone?  Look no further! A baby’s first birthday celebration might just be the most difficult one. As a parent, you want it to be absolutely memorable however, at the ripe old age of one, your little one isn’t going to remember much about the big day.

In this blog post we have put together 5 ideas that will help you create beautiful memories that your little one (and the rest of the family) can treasure for the rest of their lives.  

Ready? Here are 5 first birthday ideas for you!




“Well, thanks” – You might be thinking. However, there is a way to make the party even more special and to create something special for your baby.  For the big day, make sure there is a “guestbook” ready and ask your family to write something that your little one can read when they are not that little anymore.  If you prefer giving your guests a bit of extra time (not everyone finds it easy to write), you can ask them to bring the party a letter to baby and have a memory box ready to collect the envelopes.

Also make sure to take pictures of family members with baby, so you can print all of them and add them to the memory box!

Mummy Daddy and baby on the baby's first birthday photoshoot








 Continuing with our first birthday ideas, how about giving your little one a little piece of… magic by adopting a star?  You can get some awesome versions of this now, where you get a lovely print with your child’s star, alongside their constellation, marked with your baby’s birth date. 

 Buy a Star and World Star Register are only two of the many websites offering this service.

This idea is extremely important but still super simple. Your baby’s first birthday will only be a disaster if the guest of honor isn’t given the proper consideration. Keeping plans interesting while still flexible is a great way to ensure that if your baby isn’t in the mood for something, it doesn’t complicate your plans.


If you have not done this yet, don’t miss the last opportunity to create a box with special keepsakes from baby’s first year!

You could include:

  • Photos of them at each monthly milestone (need help with this? Get in touch!) 
  • Their favourite mini toys
  • A letter from you and your partner
  • A newspaper from the day they were born or their first birthday
  • A pair of their tiny socks or shoes
  • Cards that family and friends have sent you for baby

You can also use your memory box as a lovely way to include family members who aren’t able to celebrate with you. Just ask them to send you a special letter!


There is no shame in wanting to spend the day just with baby and your partner, with lots of snuggle time and (hopefully) some pampering.

With the way things are currently, it is a-ok to want a private celebration for your child’s health or even just your peace of mind.  A nice picnic (even indoor!), opening a few gifts and spending time together with your little one-year-old can be just as memorable as that big, themed gathering.



This is unmissable, and possibly the most popular photoshoot at my studio after my newborn sessions!  There is nothing that screams birthday like a nice, frosted birthday cake, and… there is also nothing more fun to destroy!

Cake Smash & Splash photoshoots are unlike any other milestone session, because they include three mini sessions:

  • The “clean”, simple portraits – before bringing the cake in
  • Cake fun! While baby dives into the frosting (or fruit, if you prefer a fruit smash)
  • Splash portraits while baby relaxes in a dedicated miniature tub

Cake or Fruit smash sessions are also unique as they can be styled with your favourite theme and decorations.

Baby girl with a birthday cake on her first birthday photoshoot

Baby girl in the bathtub after her cake smash photoshoot

Baby boy against a blue backdrop with his first birthday cake







Baby boy in a mini roll top bath


Baby girl with wearing a peach tutu on her first birthday cake smash shoot

baby girl sitting in the bath after her cake smash photoshoot








Estelle Thomson Photography – based in Fawkham Green – specialises in newborn, baby and maternity photography for families in and around Sevenoaks, Kent.

Want to know more about Cake Smash Photoshoots? Visit this dedicated page or get in touch!




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